A unique coalition of trade and enforcement organisations.
Providing a single voice for those who share an interest in
promoting innovation and growth through intellectual property in the UK

All Party IP Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property (IP) Group was launched in 2003 to raise awareness of the value of IP to the UK and the harm caused by IP crime. 

Chaired by Pete Wishart MP, the Group provides briefings and information for Parliamentarians wishing to protect their constituents, businesses in their areas and the UK’s creativity.  Members have the opportunity to hear of the devastating effects of IP crime and what they, as legislators, can do about it. They can also see firsthand the scale of the problem and the huge task facing trading standards officers, the police, customs & excise and industry, by undertaking visits to problem markets or accompanying enforcement officers on raids. Further information on the work of the group can be found here on their website.


About the Alliance

The Alliance is concerned with ensuring IP rights are valued in the UK and that these rights can be properly protected. Click here for further information arrow

Campaign & Issues

The Alliance is a partner in the Real Deal: Working Together for Fake Free Markets campaign

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Impact of IP

The UK has always valued intellectual property and recognised the need for those holders of intellectual property to be able to capitalise on their creations.

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