British IP Day

The Alliance for Intellectual Property introduced the first British IP Day on 5 July 2016, and has attracted the attention of many in the intellectual property community.  Intellectual Property is hugely important to the UK economy whether in the creative industries, branded goods or the manufacturing and design sectors. IP rich industries are driving the economy and are the bedrock of modern, knowledge driven economies such as the UK, and British IP Day has proven to be a fantastic way to celebrate this success.

So what is British IP Day?

In British IP Day 2016, we facilitated multiple meetings between creators and their local Members of Parliament, providing them with a platform to discuss how much their intellectual property is integral to their success, and how strong protections are vitally important to them continuing to grow in their businesses.  We are pleased that many of these relationships have continued between local MPs and creators in their constituencies long past British IP Day.

We also introduced the first ever IP Champion Award, which aims to recognise the excellent work undertaken by individuals, business and organisations who work to promote and protect IP.  Judging for the IP Champion Award is based on the impact the work has made and reflects innovation or uniqueness in its particular field.  The Alliance membership nominates individuals or organisations for the IP Champion Award, and external individuals judge the nominees based on their individual merits.

When is British IP Day 2017?

Given the overwhelming success of British IP Day 2016, we are making it an annual celebration!  British IP Day 2017 will be held on Wednesday 5th July, with the IP Champion Award being presented at our annual Summer Reception held in the House of Commons on Tuesday 11th July 2017.

How can you be involved in British IP Day 2017?

This year, we are giving organisations the opportunity to sponsor the various elements of British IP Day; either covering expenditure for literature and displays for MP meetings, or sponsoring the IP Champion Award.  Now is the time to show your support for intellectual property where it matters. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please get in touch.    

Impact of IP

The UK has always valued intellectual property and recognised the need for those holders of intellectual property to be able to capitalise on their creations.

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About the Alliance

The Alliance is concerned with ensuring IP rights are valued in the UK and that these rights can be properly protected. Click here for further information arrow


This section highlights some of the current activity being undertaken across the numerous bodies involved and how these issues are being addressed and raised in Parliament.

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