The Economic Contribution of IP

The economic contribution of IP to the UK is immense.  The creative industries continue to generate around 8% of the UK’s annual GDP and support nearly 2 million jobs. On top of that, the branded goods industries support the UK economy through employment, research & development and taxation; brand manufacturing still accounts for 14% of UK manufacturing and over £50 billion of gross output. Add to this other industries which depend on IP such as software, sport and retailing and it becomes clear why a robust system of IP protection is crucial and why proper research into IP’s contribution to the economy is essential. Protecting IP protects the economy, and tax revenues, but without an assessment of IP’s economic contribution it is impossible to conduct a proper cost-benefit analysis of IP enforcement.

The Alliance is working to ensure this substantial and growing contribution is known, understood and appreciate and that policies develop which guarantee this contribution in the future, and looking to the Strategic Advisory Board for IP (SABIP) to conduct such a piece of economic analysis. 

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