Copycat Packaging

The Alliance is working with the British Brands Group to see effective measures introduced which will prevent consumers being duped by packaging that mimics the distinctive features of branded goods and to protect businesses who invest literally billions of pounds in creating those brands.

Parasitic “copycat” packaging adopts distinctive features of familiar branded goods in order to mislead the consumer. It can persuade some shoppers to buy goods they did not intend to buy, while misleading many more into believing the products have similar qualities and heritage to the brand being mimicked. In addition, distinctiveness is destroyed making it harder for consumers to make choices, while enormous damage is caused to the brand owners and the years of investment, innovation and reputation-building they have undertaken. Costs of the original rise, competition with other products in the category become distorted and innovation inhibited.
In anticipation of next year’s review of the effectiveness of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Regulations in dealing with parasitic packaging, the British Brands Group has commissioned research which exposes how this practice is misleading consumers. 

The study was conducted by BMRB and found that packaging products to look like familiar brands prompts mistaken purchases and provokes mistaken assumptions about the nature of the product.  Key findings included: 38% of shoppers admit to having been confused or misled by the packaging of grocery products which look similar; one-third of shoppers admitted to having accidentally brought the wrong product because of its similar packaging; and 64% expressed concern over the practice of making packaging similar in order to suggest a connection with a brand which did not exist. 

The full findings of the research can be downloaded from the British Brands Group.
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