Reform of Civil Damages

Abuse of intellectual property is a highly lucrative activity and hugely damaging to the businesses or individuals whose intellectual property is being infringed.  Across industry, hundreds of millions of pounds are lost annually through IP theft, with similar sums finding their way into the pockets of those criminals infringing and abusing IP rights.  Jobs are being lost, shops forced to close and innovation stifled. 

The Gowers Review and the House of Commons Culture Select Committee have both called for the civil damages regime to act as a disincentive to IP infringement yet, to date, there has been no action by government to bring this about. This is an incredibly important issue for many Alliance members as current remedies offered under the existing damages regime are ineffective and do not address the changing nature of IP infringement.  A solution offering rights holders the ability to seek damages which act as a deterrent is clearly needed in order to stem the growing problem of IP infringement in the UK and address the damaging, corrosive effect it is having on UK industry and the UK economy.  The Alliance is campaigning for such reform to take place. 

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