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Government & Whitehall Action

IP Crime Group

Progress has been made within Government, and key policy advancements have been seen, in ensuring IP theft is properly addressed. Most notable has been the creation of the IP Crime Group. 

The Alliance is very supportive of and a key player in the IP Crime Group, run by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and chaired by Giles York, Deputy Chief Constable of Sussex Police and ACPO lead for IP Crime.

The Group seeks to bring together all those involved in IP protection and enforcement, from the individual industries to the police, HMRC and trading standards. This has created a welcome focus on IP crime within the IPO and crucially has brought with it liaison with other Government departments allowing a central point for intelligence gathering and information dissemination.

The IP Crime Report 2013/14 can be found here.

Police IP Crime Unit

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is based at City of London Police and has been set up to protect UK industries that produce legitimate, high quality, physical goods and online and digital content.

The operationally independent unit is funded by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which is part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The unit consists of detectives, police staff investigators, analysts, researchers, an education officer and a communications officer. The team also has the added skills and expertise from two industry secondees, a Senior Intelligence Officer from the IPO and an Internet Investigator from the music industry.


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The Alliance is a partner in the Real Deal: Working Together for Fake Free Markets campaign

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Impact of IP

The UK has always valued intellectual property and recognised the need for those holders of intellectual property to be able to capitalise on their creations.

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