Intellectual Property Theft

The UK has a strong history of supporting intellectual property and recognising the need for those holders of intellectual property to be able to capitalise on their creations. However, such innovation is only possible in an environment where intellectual property is properly valued and protected.  With intellectual property theft growing and continuing to be ingrained as an organised criminal activity, British industry is losing billions of pounds a year, the Treasury is losing significant tax revenue, consumers are being put at risk and ripped off, and local legitimate businesses are finding it hard to compete with the illegal traders.

Reporting IP Theft

If you have been made aware of any intellectual property theft, you can take action by reporting it. The Intellectual Property Office has issued guidance of what to do in such circumstances, which can be found on their website here.


About the Alliance

The Alliance is concerned with ensuring IP rights are valued in the UK and that these rights can be properly protected. Click here for further information arrow


This section highlights some of the current activity being undertaken across the numerous bodies involved and how these issues are being addressed and raised in Parliament.

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The Alliance is a partner in the Real Deal: Working Together for Fake Free Markets campaign

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