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Alliance seeks director

02 June 2005

Job Description Director General
The Alliance is a cross industry lobby group established in 1998, whose aims are (1) to raise awareness of intellectual property issues among decision makers, influencers and stakeholders so that intellectual property is highly valued, and (2) to ensure that, in law and practice, intellectual property theft is treated as seriously as other theft. The Alliance is about to announce a change to its name to keep its identity up to date with the evolving nature of IP theft and of its members priorities since its foundation.

Due to its expanding remit and reach of influence, the growing importance of IP theft on the political agenda and encouraged by its success to date, there is now a need for a secretariat to be set up to manage and co-ordinate the lobbying and PR activities on behalf of its members.

The Alliance retains a public affairs consultancy, whose responsibilities will be parliamentary monitoring and advising on public affairs. It is envisaged that a Director will be recruited on a part time basis, who will report to the officers of the Alliance ( the chair, vice chairs and treasurer).

This person will need to be a self-starter, disciplined and motivated to work as a sole employee, but within the office environment of one of the Alliance members. Experience in high level national and local government lobbying and a proven track record in strategic planning will be essential to drive forward the Alliance’s aims and build on its success to date. Practical experience of handling the media and personal interviews will be a major advantage.

The role

The Director will head up the Alliance and run its affairs, driving the review and development of its strategy for the annual activity plan, in concert with the officers and the consultancy. The Director will manage the reputation of the Alliance and act as its ambassador.

The Director will act as the chief administrator for the Alliance, coordinate members’ approval for the overall strategy, annual activity plan and budget and take charge of its implementation. The Director will develop the brief to public affairs consultancy and act as the liaison between the consultancy and the Alliance members. The Alliance currently has a
legal committee and a digital sub-group is planned. Others may be set up as required, to address in detail specific areas of Alliance work. The Director will act as co-ordinator of outputs and information from sub-group and report the overview to the membership in plenary meetings.

An All Party Parliamentary IP Protection Group was set up by the Alliance which is currently run by the public affairs consultancy, but this function will be incorporated into the Director’s role in future.


• A primary role for the Director will be to develop key relationships with politicians, Ministers and Government officials in the relevant departments to promote Alliance aims.

• The secretariat will be the first point of contact between the Alliance membership, the media, politicians, the public affairs consultants and other suppliers and event organisers where the Alliance is participating in a conference or hosting an event.

• Correspondence, agenda preparation and minute taking, distribution of information and coordination of meetings and any other administrative responsibilities will be carried out by the Director in conjunction with the officers.

• Budget control and regular financial reports will be carried out in conjunction with the treasurer.

• Membership subscriptions and recruitment will be managed by the Director.

• The Director will liaise with the consultancy on production and editorial control over Alliance publications, including a newsletter, marketing/PR materials and its web site, which needs regular up-dating with members’ news, press releases from the Alliance and relevant outside bodies and government departments, etc. This will be done in conjunction with the consultancy.

• The Director will draft Alliance submissions in cooperation with the chair/vice chairs and the chair of the legal group as appropriate and circulate them for membership input and sign off.

• Through liaison with the consultancy, the Director will identify opportunities for lobbying, promoting legislative reform, recruit support for its aims and activities.

• Relationships with relevant government officials and Minister are to be cultivated and, where necessary will be supported by the Alliance officers.

• The Director will ensure best advantage is taken of media opportunities to raise the profile of the Alliance aims and objectives and will seek the support of the chair and/or vice chairs where necessary.

• The Director will attend such events as are thought to be useful to either promote the Alliance aims or to gather intelligence or information of use to the development of its strategy. Members will be advised of such events and invited to support the Director where relevant.

• If appropriate the Director will represent the Alliance members on working parties or in forums where seats are limited or where members are unable to participate.


The Alliance would like a Director to be in place from September 2005.
Alliance member, ELSPA, the trade association representing the games industry, will make available office space and equipment for this post at 167 Wardour Street, where the Director will be based.

Annual salary £39,000 for three days a week.
5 weeks holiday.

Please apply by 30 June 2005 to Lavinia Carey, Chair
Alliance Against IP Theft
167 Great Portland Street

For information about joining the Alliance please contact
Susie Winter at susie@allianceagainstiptheft.co.uk
or on 020 7534 0595