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MPs Call on Government to Take Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy

04 December 2001

A cross-party group of MPs are calling on the Government to introduce immediate legislation to address concerns over the sharp rise in intellectual property theft.

The MPs have tabled for debate a motion calling on the Government to stiffen the penalties for intellectual property theft and introduce moves to make it easier to secure convictions.

With a Consumer Bill unlikely to be in the Queen's Speech, this motion provides an urgent reminder to the Government of the importance of intellectual property to this country and its creative industries.

A recent survey conducted by the Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy discovered that each year UK industry loses a staggering £8.19 billion from the sale of fake and counterfeit goods. This translates into a further loss to HM Treasury of over £1 billion every year.

Paul Marsden MP, commenting on why such legislation is necessary said: "The fight against counterfeiting and piracy is a long outstanding cause that needs addressing. I am very happy to be supporting the Alliance in its campaign to strengthen the law. I am pressing the Government to take action."

Lavinia Carey, Chair of the Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, said: "Our country's economic success depends on our creativity. Rights owners, artists, manufacturers and their employees, and consumers all need protecting from fake products which are at best shoddy and substandard and at worst potentially harmful.

"We are now looking to the Government to take action, address the concerns expressed by industry and MPs, and introduce legislation to which stiffens the penalties for intellectual property theft and makes it easier to secure convictions."

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