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04 July 2002

This headline figure, however, masks the significant increases being seen in certain industries:
· Manufacturing lost £6 billion in 2001, an increase of nearly 15% on 2000
· Music piracy was up 30% in 2001, not including downloading from the Internet
· The loss to the video industry rose in 2001 by a massive 83% to £330 million.

The main reduction was in relation to games software where new security measures on product have briefly put the manufacturers ahead of the game. Few industry experts, however, expect this trend to last while penalties for IP crime remain so low and chances of detection relatively small.

Commenting at today’s AGM, Lavinia Carey, Chair of the Alliance, said:

“With billions of pounds being lost through counterfeiting and piracy the Government must properly fund Trading Standards. Intellectual property is being stolen and consumers put at risk through the sale of shoddy, sub-standard and potentially harmful, products.

“It is still far too easy for criminals and free-riders to take advantage of car boot sales and open markets to sell fake and dangerous goods. The Alliance is pressing the Government not only to provide such funding but also to ensure Trading Standards have the same duty to enforce copyright law as currently exits for other infringements of intellectual property.”

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