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Theft of Ideas Costs British Industry £8 Billion

06 July 2000

First Anniversary Announcement from The Alliance
Intellectual property crime cost British industry £8.19 billion in 1999, a 27.6% increase on 1998 losses. This figure is the result of a member survey conducted by the Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, and will be announced today at their first annual general meeting. The losses equate to £1.36 billion in lost tax revenue to the Chancellor.

Key speaker at the Alliance AGM will be Home Office Minister Charles Clarke MP. He will say:

"It is not sufficient to confine attempts to tackle counterfeiting to measures in the UK. Many of the counterfeit goods which are available in the UK do not originate here. We need to raise the profile of the issue at the international level, and we are doing so."

The cross-industry Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy - which represents companies with a combined turnover of over £200 billion - provides a unified voice for trade and representative organisations who share an interest in preventing counterfeiting and piracy in the UK.

Lavinia Carey, Chair of the Alliance, will say:

"Last year at our launch we estimated the loss to industry in this country alone at £6.42 billion, with a consequent loss to the Exchequer of 1.08 billion. Today I can report an up-dated calculation based on the most recent data gathered from Alliance members. Losses to the Exchequer are up, to £1.36 billion, and the cost to British companies has risen by 27.6% to £8.19 billion."

"Because there is so much activity now in various government departments relating to Intellectual Property crime and enforcement, it would be convenient to think that the Alliance is well on the way to achieving our aims. I believe this would be a mistake. We must single mindedly press on and persuade the government of the value of our cause to the economy until the reforms contained in Lord McNally's bill are on the statute book."

Also speaking at the AGM will be Lord McNally who introduced the Copyright and Trade Marks Bill in the House of Lords. Lord McNally will say:

"Legislation in the near future is a very real possibility. If the Government fails to find time for legislation of its own, I shall reintroduce the Copyright and Trade Marks Bill in the Autumn. With the support and hard work of the Alliance, I am confident that we can achieve our goal - protecting that most important of assets - creativity."

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