About the Alliance

New Cross Industry Alliance Calls for Government to Combat Counterfeiting and Piracy

08 July 1999

New survey finds 'theft of ideas' costs UK £1 billion a year

The music, audio-visual, retail, brand manufacturing, and business and games software industries joined forces today to provide, for the first time, a single voice in the battle to combat counterfeiting and piracy.

The Alliance against Counterfeiting and Piracy (the Alliance) aims to persuade the Government to introduce tougher penalties for counterfeiters and strengthen the hand of enforcement agencies. The Alliance also intends to raise public and political awareness of copyright and trade mark issues generally so that the theft of ideas is treated as seriously as the theft of property.

Lavinia Carey, chair of the Alliance said: "Counterfeiting and piracy costs British industry billions of pounds and thousands of jobs each year. A survey, conducted among the members of the Alliance for the launch, found that the Exchequer missed out on over £1.08 billion in direct and indirect taxes in 1998. More generally, counterfeiting and piracy poses a huge threat to the public interest. Not only does trade in counterfeit products deliver poor quality and dangerous goods to consumers, it also provides a vehicle for organised crime."

She added: "According to the RUC there are proven links between counterfeiting and piracy and drugs smuggling, money laundering, pornography and, on occasion, terrorism."

For information about joining the Alliance please contact
Susie Winter at susie@allianceagainstiptheft.co.uk
or on 020 7534 0595