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Secure Use of IP in Digital Age to Benefit Both Consumers and Industry, says Alliance Against IP Theft

10 March 2006

New media and technological advances are delivering great benefits to consumers, according to the Alliance Against IP Theft.

The variety of platforms available for people to access creative content such as films, television programmes, music and games, offer consumers a wide range of options as to how and when content is watched, listened to or played.

However, consumers and the creative industries are at present operating in a transitional environment that is making it difficult for intellectual property to be used securely.

The Alliance is urging Government to work with industry to ensure that, during this period of transition and convergence, consumers are protected from scams and the sale of inferior, illegal products, no matter where or how purchased; and that the rights of IP rights holders are similarly protected.

In its response to the Culture Select Committee inquiry into ‘New Media and the Creative Industries’ the Alliance stressed the dangers to industry and consumers of IP not being used securely:

Consumers are vulnerable with an estimated 80 million websites selling fake goods globally.
The film industry alone is losing over £800 million a year through copyright theft.
Evidence is growing of the link between IP theft and other criminal activity. This includes:
- Child exploitation
- Pornography
- Benefit fraud

Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance, said:

“Even though technology and content are becoming more mobile, consumers still need to be aware of the dangers associated with IP theft and the benefits that the secure use of IP can bring.

“Rights holders and consumers share similar aims, with both wanting an environment whereby innovation, creativity and enterprise can flourish. Secure use of IP delivers exactly that.”

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