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Alliance welcomes commitment from new IP Minister

17 July 2007

Speaking at last night's Alliance Summer Party, the new IP Minister gave a clear commitment to continue tackling the growing problem of IP crime.

Lord Triesman, the first Minister for Intellectual Property, stressed that counterfeiting and piracy remain a significant threat to the competitiveness of UK businesses, and confirmed the Government's commitment to take action in this area and the importance it places on protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights.

Speaking to a room of politicians, civil servants, trading standards officers and industry representatives he said:

"We need to work hard to address public perceptions that this is a victimless crime. Communities, individuals and businesses all suffer from this illegal trade. There is growing evidence of links between the counterfeiters, the intellectual property pirates and the narco-criminals. These networks of criminals are truly global crime businesses".

To download a copy of Lord Triesman's speech click here.

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