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Alliance’s Party to Celebrate the Enactment of the Vince Cable Bill

18 December 2002

On the 11th December, The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy held a Christmas Party at the Cinnamon Club, SW1, to celebrate the enactment of the Copyright and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill. Vince Cable MP congratulated the Alliance on the smooth running of the Bill. Melanie Johnson highlighted the need to reduce counterfeiting crime and thanked the Alliance for enabling the Bill to become law.

Dr Kim Howells MP and Lord Razzall demonstrated their continued support for the Alliance by attending the party.

Further evidence of the success of the Bill was highlighted by the first arrest under the new Bill. On Tuesday, 12th December, police in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, arrested a trader selling counterfeit CDs. The police confiscated a haul of 2,500 CDs from the one trader. The trader will be sentenced in a month’s time, under the new enforced legislation.

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