About the Alliance

Working towards a 'Creative Britain'

22 February 2008

The Alliance warmly welcomes the publication by the Government of Creative Britain.  Two years in drafting, and working its way from Green Paper to strategy document, Creative Britain, while led by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, importantly brings together other key departments with roles and responsibilities for intellectual property, namely Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, and Innovation Universities and Skills. 

While primarily concerned with promoting innovation through a variety of means, it does recognise the important role protecting intellectual property plays in meeting this challenge.  Importantly, it charges the UK-IPO with delivering a number of things will also benefit the broader IP rights community, namely:

  • Establish and fund a National Centre of Excellence to deliver expert police resource focused on tackling IP Crime and to help provide a national perspective to the work going on at a local level;
  • Working with the Association of Chief Police Officers to provide extra focus on enforcement activity and encourage further action; and
  • Working with Trading Standards Officers and local authorities to make best use of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

While we also welcome the government’s intention to consult on increasing the maximum penalties which can be awarded in Magistrates’ Courts for offences of physical and online copyright infringement, we urge this to also apply to cases of trade mark infringement.  One of the first successes of the Alliance was the harmonisation of penalties for copyright and trade mark offences.  To return to the days where one form of IP infringement received lower penalties, and therefore perceived as being a less serious offence, would be huge step back for those involved in IP enforcement.  

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