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Fake Goods Bill Set to Become Law

23 November 2001

Legislation to crackdown on the makers of fake and counterfeit products looks set to become law next summer after MPs from across the political spectrum gave Dr Vincent Cable's Copyright, etc. and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill a second reading this lunchtime.

Parliament will next move to debate the detail of the bill, which seeks to increase sentences for counterfeiters and make it easier to secure convictions. The front benches of all three main parties confirmed in today's debate their desire to see the MP for Twickenham's bill become law "as soon as possible".

Dr Vincent Cable MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary said:

"I am delighted that my Bill has attracted such widespread support. Cheap imitations - such as counterfeit CDs, videos and games - may look like Christmas bargains, but they are often poor quality and can be extremely dangerous. There is also increasing evidence that the money spent on buying many fake goods is going directly to organised crime."

Lavinia Carey, Chair of the cross-industry Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, welcomed the MPs' decision and said:

"The time is running out when counterfeiting and piracy will offer a soft option for criminals. This is good news for all those in the creative industries and excellent news for consumers who have the right to expect safe and high quality products."

The bill aims to increase the penalties for copyright theft to ten years, strengthen search warrant provisions and give greater powers to confiscate fake goods.

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