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The Alliance welcomes agreement to bring about 'significant reduction in unlawful file sharing'

24 July 2008

The Alliance Against IP Theft welcomes the Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the film and music industries, six key internet service providers (IPSs) and the Departments for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) and Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Illegal filesharing is hugely damaging to the industries affected be they music, film, games and business software, sport or publishing.  It is also damaging to ISPs as people filesharing and illegally downloading occupy a disproportionate amount of bandwidth, slowing down the network for everyone.  This MOU therefore represents a welcome recognition from all parties of the joint approach needed to tackle online piracy.  The Alliance looks forward to commenting further via the published consultation, particularly providing input from other industry sectors

The consultation and the MOU are an important step: for the first time government, ISPs and rightsholders will work together to bring about a significant reduction in unlawful filesharing and we are grateful for the time and effort BERR has committed to this issue.  The continuation of this commitment from all sides in the coming months will be vital to ensure the MOU achieves its objective of tackling illegal up-loading and downloading.

For information about joining the Alliance please contact Susie Winter at susie@allianceagainstiptheft.co.uk or on 020 7534 0595