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‘Missed opportunity’ says Alliance in response to Government’s response to Culture Select Committee report

26 July 2007

The Alliance Against Intellectual Property Theft (the Alliance) today expressed disappointment in the Government’s response to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Report in New Media and the Creative Industries. 

While the Government rightly acknowledged the importance for the creative industries to not only make returns on their creativity and invest in new talent and innovation, but also to have proper protection for their work, this was not borne out in their response to a number of the Committee’s much needed recommendations. 

Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance, said:

“While positive words from Government are of course welcome it is disappointing these were not backed up with greater action.  This response was an ideal opportunity to send a strong message to ISPs of the need for them to take a greater role and responsibility in combating the rapid growth of internet-facilitated IP theft, as identified by the Committee, and one they missed. 

“Camcording remains the primary source for pre-release pirate DVDs sold on the streets and in markets across the UK, and industry has supplied evidence proving this. It is inaccurate to say that legislation already in place helps to deter this, and the legislation cited by the Government, namely the enactment of s107A, in its response refers to the distribution of pirated films, not the practice of covert copying by private individuals in cinemas.”

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