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Press Releases

2016 Press

8th July


British IP Day encapsulated the importance of intellectual property (IP) driving success across the creative industries, branded goods and the manufacturing and design sectors.

6th July


The Alliance for Intellectual Property yesterday celebrated the first ever British IP day at its annual reception held in Parliament.

18th January


The Alliance for Intellectual Property has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee’s report, ‘Creative Industries in Scotland’.

2015 Press

4th November


The Alliance for Intellectual Property is pleased to welcome the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) as a member. The PPA represents more than 200 companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to business-to-business data and information providers, content agencies and smaller independent publishers.

15th July


The Alliance for Intellectual Property yesterday celebrated the value of intellectual property to UK innovation and growth at its annual reception held in Parliament, at which Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP OBE, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, gave the key note speech.

12th June


Dids Macdonald, CEO of Anti Copying in Design (ACID) and a Vice Chair of the Alliance for Intellectual Property has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in Her Majesty’s Birthday Honours list for her services to the Design Industry.

16th April


The Alliance for Intellectual Property welcomes the recognition that the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have given intellectual property (IP) and IP-rich industries in manifestos published this week.

2014 Press

4th December


Politicians from the three main political parties had a spirited debate last night on the future of intellectual property policy after the General Election. Panellists from the political parties were Mike Weatherley MP (Conservative), Iain Wright MP (Labour) and Lord Clement-Jones (Liberal Democrats) and they faced an audience of leading business people and creators from across the design, branded goods, music, software, publishing, film, TV, sports and games sectors.

23rd October


Commenting Director General Eddy Leviten said: "We are delighted that PIPCU has secured additional funding of £3million, allowing it to continue the excellent work of tackling IP crime in all forms. In its first year PIPCU has shown itself to be at the forefront of innovative solutions to disrupt criminal activity, protect UK jobs and help IP be the driving force for the UK economy.

PIPCU is now an integral part of the enforcement landscape but we also need to ensure that trading standards, National Crime Agency and others are equipped to play their own vital roles protecting consumers and targeting criminal activity."

16th July


At a reception in Parliament last night, MPs and Peers joined with industry figures to promote a greater understanding of intellectual property (IP). In the lead-up to 2015 General Election, guests heard how the party or parties which form the next Government can work with industry to make the UK the best place to start and grow an IP rich business by 2020.

1st May


The Alliance for Intellectual Property is pleased to announce the appointment of Eddy Leviten as its new Director General.

28th April


The Alliance for Intellectual Property has today called on all of the UK’s main political parties to ensure that, by 2020, the UK is the best place to start, locate and grow intellectually property (IP) rich businesses.

2013 Press

17th October


The Alliance for Intellectual Property launches its Call for Views, an exercise to hear from creators and businesses, on how IP can be better promoted and protected to make the UK the best place to invest in an IP rich company by 2020. 

17th October


New research conducted by Populus for the Alliance for Intellectual Property and the Premier Leagues shows that more needs to be done to help people feel confident on the web.

26th September


The Alliance for Intellectual Property welcomes the report from the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee entitled ‘Supporting the Creative Economy' which pulls no punches in its assessment of the impact the Goverment's planned reforms to copyright will have on creators and others who rely on IP to make a living.

16th July


The event, hosted by John Whittingdale MP, Chair of the All Party IP Group, will highlight the importance of IP rights across the UK at a crucial time for the economy. Those attending the reception will see a Map unveiled which shows how businesses in every region of the UK provide jobs, investment and growth. Keynote speeches will be delivered by Viscount Younger of Leckie, Minister for Intellectual Property, and Ana Mota, Global Brand Director from AkzoNobel, makers of the iconic British brand Dulux.

8th May 2013


The measures announced today in the Queen’s Speech to increase the level of protection for UK designers are very welcome and the introduction of criminal sanctions for deliberate infringement of registered designs is certainly a step in the right direction.  However, for any such changes to have real and lasting benefit for the UK’s 350,000 designers criminal sanctions must also apply to unregistered designs rights.

The draft Consumer Rights Bill is an ideal opportunity to deal with the huge problem of consumer confusion online.  The internet has become an online shop window for illegal goods and consumers are unaware that many of the sites they are directed to by reputable search engines are selling, or providing access to, illegal goods.  We also note the proposed changes to trading standards powers and look forward to working with the Government and trading standards to ensure that any changes do not adversely impact the valuable work done by trading standards in combating IP crime. 

2012 Press

20th December 2012

Susie Winter, Director-General of the Alliance for Intellectual Property said:

“While we are pleased to see formal acknowledgement from the Government that copyright is a property right, and that the initial impact assessments conducted by Ian Hargreaves were flawed, we remain concerned about the evidence used to justify the taking away of people’s rights in such a manner. 

“The Government has rowed back from some of its more extreme proposals, but there appears to be continued confusion over the ability of rights holders to control and influence the retail market for copyright works.  It is clear that the Government is determined to act in this area and we remain firm in our wish to work with them to create a system which provides access, choice and legal certainty for consumers while ensuring rights holders and creators are remunerated and incentivised”. 

17th December 2012

In response to the changes announced this morning to the way the Intellectual Property Office delivers services, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance for Intellectual Property said:

“The actions announced today by Vince Cable are a positive step towards promoting and protecting our intellectual property, which is vital for UK economic growth and jobs. We welcome the Secretary of State’s comments on the value of intellectual property, be that to fashion, music, writing or design, and the recognition that IP is central to the future of our economy. Faster trade mark registrations, a dedicated IP Crime Unit and a consumer awareness campaign are all critical to creating the right framework for UK companies to grow and succeed. We urge the government not to undermine such important initiatives by implementing wider changes to IP law which weaken rights and threaten growth”.

21st November 2012

UK Music, the umbrella organisation representing the commercial UK music industry, have joined the Alliance for Intellectual Property.

UK Music membership includes existing Alliance members BPI and PRS for Music, as well as
organisations that represents the UK’s songwriters, musicians, managers, and record labels among others.

7th November 2012

The second Alliance annual IP conference is taking place on 4th December 2012. Click on the link above for more details.

6th November 2012

The Content Map, a comprehensive portal for British digital content services, was unveiled today,
encouraging UK online consumers to explore more than 150 authorised websites and platforms
offering films, TV programmes, music, video games, e-books and sports broadcasts.

Produced by the UK’s creative industries, www.thecontentmap.com shows the burgeoning wealth of legal content available online and helps people access it with ease and confidence.

31st October 2012

The second Alliance annual IP conference is taking place on 4th December 2012. Click on the link above for more details.

30th October 2012

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Intellectual Property yesterday released its report
into the role of Government in promoting and protecting intellectual property.

The report, which came as a result of a series of inquires held by the APPG, and which took evidence from key stakeholders from creative industries and the civil service, detailed a number of key recommendations to Government ensure that intellectual property continues to provide innovation and growth for the UK.

7th September 2012

For fourteen years, the Alliance Against IP Theft has represented trade associations with an interest in ensuring intellectual property rights are valued and receive the protection they need and deserve. In that time intellectual property policy has moved from being a fringe issue to one which clearly sits at the heart of business and creative success.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the Alliance Against IP Theft is now the Alliance for Intellectual Property. This development reflects our evolving role in promoting the important contributions made by the many forms of IP on which British businesses rely, while retaining our core objectives.

With a combined turnover of over £250 billion, the Alliance’s members include representatives of the audiovisual, music, games and business software, and sports industries, branded manufactured goods, publishers, retailers and designers.

1st August 2012

Commenting, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance said:

“We welcome Richard Hooper’s ‘Copyright Works’ report which recognises that intellectual property lies at the heart of the UK economy and calls for sensible protections against copyright theft. The report recommends creating an industry-led Copyright Hub, which would ensure that innovative businesses, such as our members can generate revenue from their intellectual property. The Alliance supports Hooper’s recommendation in principle and looks forward to seeing the detailed analysis of the funding and structure of the Hub.”

16th July 2012

Commenting, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance said:

"This detailed and comprehensive report sets out clearly the scale of the problem we (business, Government and law enforcement) are facing in tackling this criminal activity.”

10th July 2012

The members of the Alliance Against Intellectual Property Theft (the Alliance) are delighted to announce the election of Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of the Publishers Association, as its new Chairman. Mollet, who will remain as CEO of the Publishers Association, succeeds Lavinia Carey, Director-General of the British Video Association.

10th July 2012
MPs unite with industry to celebrate the contribution made by intellectual property at Alliance Summer Reception

MPs united with industry to celebrate the economic and cultural contribution made by businesses and companies to the UK which rely on intellectual property (IP) last night at the Alliance Against Intellectual Property Theft’s annual summer reception.

27th June 2012

Commenting on the publication of the BIS Select Committee’s report into the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance, said:

“The Alliance welcomes the emphasis the BIS Select Committee has placed on the importance of evidence to the development of intellectual property policy and the acknowledgement that the economic estimates contained in Hargreaves were ‘optimistic’ and in need of further analysis. It is also welcome to see the Committee endorse the Digital Economy Act and we echo the Committee’s call to Government press ahead and ensure that this is brought fully into force.

“Although we welcome proposals to simplify the implementation of design rights, we need to ensure that this does not leave them weakened. We urge the Government to look at extending the term of unregistered design rights for designs produced after 1988 thus providing designers with parity of rights with copyright.”

26th April 2012
On World IP Day the Alliance Against IP Theft calls on the Government to celebrate the success of the UK’s IP framework in supporting creativity and encouraging investment in UKIP-rich industries.

It urges the Government to acknowledge and preserve the vital role IP plays in bolstering competitive markets, jobs and growth.

Intellectual property is essential to the success of the UK creative and brand industries. The creative industries support around 1.5m jobs and contribute over £36 billion to UK GVA, while IP forms the basis for the £16 billion invested by companies annually in the UK economy by building brands.

Commenting Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance said:
“The UK is responsible for some of the most sought after music, films, TV shows, books, and video games in the world. We are home to world-leading brands and, in the Premier League, have the most successful football league in the world. IP is essential to each and every one of these successes. Therefore ensuring IP rights are valued, protected and enforced, with businesses and investors provided with the requisite certainty to invest, is absolutely critical. We urge the Government to ensure this is the case."

26th April 2012
The importance of branding to the UK Economy - By the British Brands group

Brands are significant generators of economic wealth for the UK, while providing
consumers with trust and confidence in what they are buying. On World IP Day
(26th April 2012), the British Brands Group calls on Government to develop a positive
policy for brands so they may be a stronger force for the country.

21st March 2012
Proposed copyright reform won’t deliver predicted growth

The Alliance Against IP Theft has today published an analysis from Oxford Economics of the Government’s Consultation on Copyright which found its economics seriously lacking. The report was published on the deadline for responses to the Consultation.

The Government is looking to the recommendations in the Consultation to encourage economic growth and increase UK GDP. In this first detailed economic analysis of specific aspects of the Consultation, Oxford Economics finds that that the assumptions made are overly optimistic in a number of cases, lack economic rigour, and fail to adequately analyse of the harm they may cause to existing industries that rely on copyright.

6th March 2012
High court upholds digital economy act to protect consumers and workers in the creative industries

The Court of Appeal Judges today handed down their judgment on the Judicial Review of the Digital Economy Act, following two failed appeal attempts by BT and TalkTalk to appeal an earlier decision.

The creative industries ‘interested parties’ which has supported the Government throughout the Judicial Review process are again calling on BT/TalkTalk to now put the litigation behind them and join the creative sector and the Government in implementing the Digital Economy Act.

2011 Press

13th December 2011
Director General of the Alliance Against IP Theft, Susie Winter comments on Mary Portas’s review into the future of Britain’s high streets


21st November 2011
Chinese Delegation on IP briefed by the Alliance

The delegation was briefed on the complete range of activities pursued by the Alliance by Director General Susie Winter. Delegates also heard from Alliance members including ACID, The Publishers Association and the BPI on best practise in the UK for combating Intellectual Property theft, including the latest technological developments and the regulatory and legislative framework operating in the UK.

25th October 2011
Alliance Quiz Night and Auction – Last few places available!

Due to the success of last years’ event, the Alliance Big Quiz is back and even bigger than before, with only a few places left! This year we are very happy to be teaming up with leading children’s charity, ‘Action for Children’, and all monies raised on the night will be split equally between both causes.

We are also delighted to announce our venue as the legendary Lords Cricket Ground. The evening will include complimentary drinks on arrival, three course dinner, an interactive quiz as well as an auction, raffle and the opportunity to tour Lords itself! For further information please contact Jenny.fraser@actionforchildren.org.uk

5th October 2011
Minister launches new IP guidance for businesses

A new guide for businesses to make sure they don’t fall foul of intellectual property laws will provide companies with advice on how they can make sure they and their employees are not illegally using other people’s intellectual property. The Alliance is delighted to have worked with the IPO to produce this comprehensive guidance for businesses which will help them protect themselves and their staff from the consequences of unlawful activity.

15th September 2011
Educational Recording Agency joins Alliance Against IP Theft

The Educational Recording Agency (ERA), operators of a licensing scheme to allow educators to use copyright material in the classroom, has joined the Alliance Against IP Theft.

15th September 2011
Alliance Against IP Theft welcomes Hunt's speech to Royal Television Society

Commenting on Jeremy Hunt’s speech to the Royal Television Society, Susie Winter,
Director General of the Alliance Against IP Theft said:

“We are heartened to hear the Secretary of State unequivocally say that unlawfully
distributing copyrighted material is theft, and a direct assault on the freedoms and rights of
creators of content. We welcome his words of warning to ISPs and search engines,
advertisers and credit card companies; we believe these companies have a key role to play
in ensuring the internet is a safe and orderly marketplace for consumers.”

14th September 2011
Organised crime IS involved in online IP theft, says Alliance Chair

Today, Lavinia Carey, Chair of the Alliance Against IP Theft and Director General of the British Video Association, called for wider recognition of the level of organised crime involved in online IP theft and the damage this crime wreaks on consumers, the video entertainment and other industry sectors and the British economy.

8th September 2011

The Alliance welcomes the launch of the Labour Party’s Creative Industry Network, which aims to bring Labour policymakers together with business, trade bodies, arts organisations and unions to ensure that its policy development is informed by the experiences and priorities of the people on the frontline of the UK's creative industries.  The event also saw the launch of Labour’s report “Our Creative Future” where Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow Culture Secretary, set out his vision for how Labour will support the creative industries.  Alliance members were pleased to see that piracy was identified as a major threat to the success of British businesses, that a clear statement was made that it was not the role of government to pick winners, but that instead it was to support the sectors of the future, and that Labour acknowledge that a successful strategy for the creative industries needs a cross Government approach.   

Click here to view the Labour Party's latest report, entitled 'Our Creative Future'.

22nd August 2011
Home Office Minister backs Campaign for Fake-Free Markets and Car Boot Fairs

James Brokenshire, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Crime and Security, has voiced his support for the Real Deal campaign, saying:“I am delighted to support the Real Deal campaign. The sale of counterfeit goods, so often viewed as harmless and victimless, affects our local economies by reducing profits for legitimate traders. The goods themselves may pose a threat to health and safety, and the profits made from these sales may be used to commit other serious criminal activities like drug smuggling and human trafficking.”

3rd August 2011
Government statement on intellectual property a first step on intellectual property a ‘first step’, but will it deliver growth?

Commenting on the publication today of the Government’s IP package, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance Against IP Theft, said:
“The Government has today taken an important first step in presenting a joined up strategy to ensure IP is properly valued and IP rights can be promoted, protected and enforced.”

28th July 2011
Creative industries welcome landmark case to block Newzbin2

The High Court test case to block access to Newzbin2, a notorious pirate
website, has been successful on every count it was announced today. The Motion Picture Association (MPA), supported by the creative industries, has won an order requiring BT to block access to the pirate website Newzbin2.

7th July 2011
Alliance welcomes MPs' debate on the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property

The debate, secured by Pete Wishart MP, is an opportunity for MPs from across the political
spectrum to highlight the contribution IP rich industries make to jobs and UK economic growth, in
their constituencies and across the country, and to ensure Minsters are aware of potential
unintended consequences of some of the Hargreaves recommendations before the Government
response is published this summer.

19th May 2011
Cable publishes Hargreaves' review of IP at Alliance conference:

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Dr Vince Cable MP, launched the Hargreaves Review of IP report ‘Digital Opportunity’ at the Alliance Against IP Theft’s IP Conference.

Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance Against IP Theft said:

“The Alliance agrees with a number of the areas for action identified by Professor Hargreaves in his report, most notably the need for effective online enforcement. We welcome the clean bill of health he gives to the Digital Economy Act along with the acknowledgement that the problem of online infringement is not restricted to digital content. Government needs to partner industry in addressing the enormously damaging problem of fake goods being sold online. Policy, clearly, needs to be based on evidence and we fully support Professor Hargreaves' comments that the neglecting of design within IP policy must stop.

“IP-rich creative and manufacturing industries are adapting and embracing the new digital markets. We look forward to discussing its issues and recommendations with government in the coming weeks.”

For a summary of the speakers at the event
please click here

For Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State Vince for Business Innovation and Skills’ speech
please click here

For Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport’s speech
please click here


26th April 2011
ACID launches IP tracker on World Intellectual Property day


WIP Day (26th April 2011), will see the launch of ACID’s (Anti Copying in Design) IP Tracker www.acidtrading.eu.com/acid-ip-tracker a simple, cost effective digital method of tracking delivery of IP led and confidential information. It is a natural electronic addition to the already successful ACID Design Data Bank which holds over 350,000 copies of unregistered designs. All too often, design ideas and new product designs are stolen at the vulnerable stage of sending them to third parties. The IP Tracker, reinforced by the powerful ACID brand, will be an additional tool of self help ensuring a further layer of IP awareness. Initially discussed in 2007, the process was only developed recently, after ACID Member and designer John Coleman’s feedback indicated that there was an increasing need for an electronic sending service which would underpin the user’s IP Rights without appearing threatening or unattractive to a potential client or collaborator.

20th April 2011
Alliance welcomes judgement on the Judicial Review of the Digital Economy Act

The Alliance Against IP Theft welcomes the fact that the Judicial Review of the Digital Economy Act ruled that the Act is legal, proportionate and fair. We now look forward to working with the Government, Ofcom and others to ensure the Act is implemented and can help protect jobs, growth and legitimate consumers as soon as practicable.

4th March 2011
Alliance: enforcement of IP regime is key to growth

A strong IP system is essential to UK economic growth and innovation, according to the Alliance Against IP Theft’s response to Professor Ian Hargreaves’ Independent Review of IP and Growth.

Please click here to view the Alliance’s submission to Professor Ian Hargreaves' Review of Intellectual Property and Growth.

13th January 2011
Alliance success sees membership grow

The Alliance is delighted to welcome two new full members in 2011. ACID (Anti-Copying in Design) and the Publishers Association have both joined the UK’s leading cross-industry pressure group campaigning to ensure IP is valued and IP rights able to be protected and enforced.

Dids Macdonald, Chief Executive of ACID commented: “On behalf of ACID, I am delighted that we are now full members of the Alliance Against IP Theft. Over the past decade The Alliance’s positive voice, representing a broad range of IP issues, has communicated a powerful message to Government on the significant value that intellectual property brings to the UK’s GDP as a positive vehicle for growth. Through the Alliance, ACID wishes to strengthen and raise the profile of IP creation within design, at present largely an unsung hero, and bring it into mainstream policy and debate.”

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of the Publishers Association said: “British publishing is one of the UK's leading creative industries, and its success critically depends on the robust framework of intellectual property rights. In its 11 year history the Alliance has shown itself to be a powerful and effective advocate for the promotion of IP. The PA is delighted to be now working alongside the Alliance and other rightsholder groups to ensure the regulatory and legal environment is conducive to the continued success of our sector.”

2010 Press

20th September 2010
Alliance supports the Trading Standards Institute National e-consumer week

The National e-consumer week aims to raise consumer’s awareness about the dangers of buying products online, and to be more vigilant than ever about websites selling counterfeit goods, or sites which turn out to be fake and disappear with people’s hard-earned cash.

Three quarters of people feel unsafe when shopping online, according to a survey into e-commerce conducted by the Trading Standards Institute.

Please click here for further detail

29th July 2010
Councillors call for clearer sanctions on market operators to tackle counterfeiting

Clearer penalties are needed for market operators who fail to take action against illegal traders, according to councillors surveyed by the Alliance Against IP Theft.

29 July 2010

The Alliance welcomes the publication of the latest IP Crime Report.

The Report showcases the wide range of activities industry is undertaking with law enforcement to combat IP crime but highlights the ongoing challenges we all face in ensuring consumers, local communities, legitimate traders and business are free from the harm caused by the sale of fake goods.

Click here to download the report (external link)

26 May 2010

DLA Piper have scooped first prize at the Alliance Against IP Theft Big Quiz & Auction Night

Hosted by Radio 5 Live’s Phil Williams. Thirty two teams attended the quiz night and auction from a broad range of industries, including law firms, the creative industries and some of our best known brands.

26 April 2010

Alliance gears up for “Big Quiz Night & Auction” with Radio 5 Live’s Phil Williams confirmed as host

30 teams already signed up for Quiz night, to be held on 20th May at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. Excitement continues to grow ahead of the much anticipated Alliance Big Quiz Night & Auction, with Radio 5 Live’s Phil Williams unveiled as Quiz Host and Auctioneer.

12 April 2010

Alliance “Big Quiz Night & Auction” places filling up fast

The Alliance Against IP Theft, a unique coalition of trade and enforcement organisations providing a single voice for those who share an interest in preventing intellectual property theft, is holding its inaugural Big Quiz night on 20th May at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

6 April 2010

Value and Protect: A Manifesto for IP

With the election only weeks away, the Alliance wants to ensure that the political parties prioritise measures to combat IP crime, and place IP at the heart of their policy pledges. To help with this, ‘Value and Protect: A Manifesto for IP’ outlines a series of realistic and achievable actions for the incoming government.

29 March 2010

Conference agrees to make markets fake-free

On Friday 26th March the coalition behind the ‘Real Deal Charter’, the national campaign designed to banish illegal counterfeit and pirated goods from UK markets and car boot sales, came together to champion the Real Deal.

16 March 2010

Real Deal Campaign announces seminar on counterfeiting in markets

The coalition behind the ‘Real Deal Charter’, the national campaign aimed at protecting consumers from illegal counterfeit and pirated goods at UK markets and car boot sales, has announced that it will be hosting a seminar at the end of March in central London.

11 March 2010

Bookings now open for Alliance “Big Quiz Night & Auction”

Confirm your place at the Quiz night on 20th May and help raise funds to combat IP theft

16 February 2010

Alliance to host inaugural “Big Quiz Night & Auction” at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

The Alliance Against IP Theft, an organisation set up to promote and protect the value of intellectual property, has announced that it will be holding its inaugural dinner and quiz night on the evening of Thursday 20th May 2010 at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC.

2009 Press

9 December 2009

Have a REAL happy Christmas, don’t buy fakes!

As the shopping frenzy is gathering pace ahead of Christmas, industry, trading standards and the government have joined forces to warn consumers of the various dangers posed by fake products.
In this difficult economic climate money is tight for many of us, but there could be a high price to pay for bargain presents that aren’t the real deal. The criminal trade in fakes has proven links with other organised crime and undermines legitimate businesses, especially when the fakers gear up for the festive season.

Millions of low-quality counterfeit products are flooding the country in time for Christmas, particularly in markets, car boot sales and online. Criminals will deliberately copy well-known brands - sometimes even charging a similar price – but beware, these fakes can pose a serious risk to consumers’ safety.

18 November 2009
Alliance welcomes Digital Economy Bill measures on digital filesharing

Welcoming the news that the Queens Speech will contain a Digital Economy Bill, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance Against IP Theft, said:

“The Alliance welcomes the confirmation in today’s Queen’s speech that the Government is to introduce legislation to tackle digital copyright infringement. This is costing industries across all sectors millions of pounds; harming reinvestment in new content and innovation and threatening the livelihoods of the thousands of performers, artists and support workers.

“We are delighted that a cross party consensus has emerged around the need for urgent action and we urge all parties to do everything they can to ensure the Bill becomes law before the General Election.”

26 October 2009
Manchester says 'no' to fakes

Manchester City Council's Market Division became the first in the country to officially sign the recently launched Real Deal national charter on Wednesday 28 October at Manchester's Arndale Market. The charter is part of an initiative to keep dealers in counterfeit and other illicit goods from UK markets and car boot sales.

25 August 2009
Alliance Launches new website

The Alliance Against IP Theft today launched a new website for anyone seeking information about the value of Intellectual Property and impact of Intellectual Property theft in the UK. The new website contains information about the cost of IP theft to the UK economy, the harm it causes to consumers, the damage it causes to legitimate businesses and IP crime’s links with other criminal activity. The site also details the Alliance’s current policy concerns and campaigns and its responses to Government consultations.

1 July 2009
National charter aims to kick counterfeit traders out of markets and car boot sales

A new national charter, launched this week at the Trading Standards Institute’s (TSI) Annual Conference in Brighton and the Local Government Association Conference in Harrogate, will help local authority trading standards services, market operators and copyright and trademark owners in their ongoing battle against dealers in counterfeit and other illicit goods at UK markets and car boot sales.

25 June 2009
IP Crime Report Published

Today saw the publication, under the auspices of the IP Crime Group (of which the Alliance is a member), of the IP Crime Report. The Report presents the broad scope of activity being undertaken across industry, government and public enforcement bodies to tackle IP crime. While some significant developments have been made, notably in the work being undertaken by the IP Intelligence Hub, the evidence clearly shows that progress in combating this growing criminal activity remains slow. We need to ensure IP law is enforced effectively and on a national basis, and that those charged with its enforcement have the resources necessary to make real inroads into stopping IP crime. Click here to download the IP Crime report.

16 June 2009
Alliance questions effectiveness of Digital Britain Proposals.pdf

The Alliance welcomes the announcement that the role of ISPs in combating illegal peer-to-peer filesharing is to be entrenched in legislation. However, we remain disappointed that this role is to be initially limited to the sending of notification letters, leaving mass litigation by industry as the only other next step.

17th April 2009
Pirate Bay Found Guilty
Following the announcement of this morning’s decision in the Pirate Bay case, Thomas Dillon for the Motion Picture Association said.

“We welcome the Swedish court’s decision to convict and sentence the people behind The Pirate Bay, the source of immense damage to the creative industries in Sweden and internationally. This important decision confirms that Sweden’s laws do protect creative works and apply online. We now look to the Swedish authorities to end this criminal enterprise.

This is an important decision for rights-holders, underlining their right to have their creative works protected against illegal exploitation and to be fairly rewarded for their endeavours. This decision will help to support the continued investment in talent and in new online services (both locally and internationally), and the creation of new films and television shows for enjoyment by audiences around the world.”

The four defendants were convicted of copyright offences and sentenced each to one year’s imprisonment. Substantial damages were also awarded against them.

30th March 2009
Local Authorities blinkered on fake goods
Councillors are not only blinkered to the damage being done to their local communities by the sale of fake goods, but are unsure as to who should be responsible for stopping this criminal activity. This is despite the vast majority of councillors believing it is important to protect consumers from substandard or dangerous products.

This discrepancy was uncovered following research carried out by the polling company ComRes.

10th March 2009
Tackling film pirates would generate £614 million for the UK economy
A report published today has found that some straightforward steps to tackle film piracy would increase UK economic output by £614 million and protect the jobs of many thousands of people employed in the film industry, as well as creating some 7,900 jobs in the wider economy.

29th January 2009 (PDF)
Alliance sees progress in Digital Britain report .pdf
Alliance response to the Governments Digital Britain Interim report.

2008 Press

17 December 2008
Alliance welcomes report into IP crime at work

8th August 2008
Councillors unaware of key crime fighting tool
An overwhelming majority of councillors and council officers believe that IP crime is a serious criminal activity, and that ensuring criminals do not benefit financially from their crimes is a priority for law enforcers. However, over half are not aware of an important piece of legislation which can make sure this does not happen. 

24th July 2008
The Alliance welcomes agreement to bring about 'significant reduction in unlawful file sharing'
The Alliance Against IP Theft welcomes the Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the film and music industries, six key internet service providers (IPSs) and the Departments for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) and Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

5th June 2008
Alliance marks 10 years of achievement with call for more action
Alliance urges government departments to work more closely to ensure IP is at the core of public policy making

16th April 2008

Alliance gets bigger and better!
Growth in membership reflects industry's continued determination

22nd February 2008
Working towards a Creative Britain
Alliance welcomes publication but urges any changes in penalties need to apply to trade mark infringement as well as copyright.


2007 Press

24th August 2007
A Swinging Time had by all!
Spirits were high, divots flew and balls soared (some even in the intended direction) at the 11th Annual Alliance Golf Day

8th August 2007
Councils demand more cash to tackle IP crime
More than four out of five councillors and officers say additional money must be made available to trading standards

26th July 2007
'Missed opportunity' says Alliance to Government's response to Select Committee Report
Importance of creative industries acknowledged but positive words not backed up by response to key recommendations.

17th July 2007
Alliance welcomes commitment from new IP Minister
Speaking at the Alliance's Summer Party, new IP Minister Lord Triesman confirmed the Government's commitment to tackling IP crime.

27th June 2007
Copyright industries in initiative to support trading standards work
Guidance published for trading standards on how new copyright enforcement powers can help reduce crime in local communities

17th May 2007
Businesses urged to protect themselves against intellectual property theft
Alliance calls on all businesses to adopt IP Compliance Policies

16th May 2007
Alliance welcomes support from Parliamentary Committee for intellectual property
The Alliance urges the Government to adopt the Culture Select Committee's recommendations on camcording, damages and the role of ISPs at the earliest opportunity

8th May 2007
£2 million pirate DVD seizure is largest ever in UK
Over 800,000 discs seized and five arrested

6th April 2007
Easter bargain hunters warned to watch out for fake goods
The Alliance Against IP Theft is warning bargain-hunters that buying fake goods at traditional Easter car boot sales could leave them ripped off and out of pocket

6th April 2007
New powers for trading standards "put criminals on notice" says Alliance
Copyright thieves are today put on notice of potential prosecution by trading standards as they finally get the power to deal with this growing problem of intellectual property crime.

2006 Press

6th December 2006
“IP Minister Required for Intellectual Property Battle” - Alliance Against IP Theft
The Alliance Against Intellectual Property Theft has welcomed the Government’s endorsement of the independent Gowers Review’s main recommendations.

05 October 2006
FACT appoints new Director General.
The Federation Against Copyright Theft (‘FACT’) is delighted to announce the appointment of Kieron Sharp as its new Director General. Kieron takes up his post on 6th November 2006.

26 July 2006
Councils Call for Government Action Against IP Crime.
Over 250 delegates at the Local Government Association Conference in Bournemouth demanded urgent Government action to target IP crime. They were joining a call from the Alliance Against IP Theft and the Trading Standards Institute for greater funding for trading standards officers to tackle a growing problem.  

13 June 2006
‘Sale of Fake Goods Online - A Growing Problem’ says Alliance.
On World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, the Alliance Against Intellectual Property (IP) Theft is warning buyers to beware when they purchase goods online.

08 May 2006
The Alliance today echoed the CBI's call for a dedicated Minister for IP.
The Alliance Against Intellectual Property Theft has welcomed the launch of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) as a major step forward in policing.

27 April 2006
"Gowers must tackle enforcement concerns" says Alliance
The Alliance Against Intellectual Property (IP) Theft has urged the Gowers Review to recommend important changes to the way intellectual property rights are enforced in the UK. Alliance Director General, Susie Winter, was commenting as it made its submission to the Treasury commissioned Gowers Review of Intellectual Property.

03 April 2006
“SOCA Must Target IP Theft” says Alliance
The Alliance Against Intellectual Property Theft has welcomed the launch of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) as a major step forward in policing.

10 March 2006
Secure Use of IP in Digital Age to Benefit Both Consumers and Industry, says Alliance Against IP Theft
New media and technological advances are delivering great benefits to consumers, according to the Alliance Against IP Theft.

27 February 2006
MPs Encouraged to ‘Spot the Fake’
The creative industries contribute over 8% of the UK’s GDP and are responsible for nearly two million jobs, but there remains a significant lack of understanding regarding the role and importance of intellectual property (IP).

MPs are therefore being challenged to ‘Spot the Fake’ at a new exhibition in the House of Commons. The exhibition, organised by the Alliance Against IP Theft, will allow MPs and Peers to view examples of fake goods, and hear first hand the importance of IP to innovation and enterprise.

20 February 2006
Alliance welcomes Assets Recovery Agency and York City Council confiscation order
The Alliance welcomes today's announcement that the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) Financial Investigators, working in partnership with City of York Council Trading Standards, were successful in obtaining a Confiscation Order in the sum of £39,000 in relation to the sale of counterfeit goods at local car boot sales.

2005 Press

05 December 2005
Alliance to feed into review of intellectual property

Following the announcement by the Chancellor of a review into intellectual property rights in the UK, Alliance chair, Lavinia Carey, said: “This announcement is the confirmation of a manifesto commitment given by Labour at the election in May resulting from the Alliance’s lobbying the government, Lord Sainsbury and his officials. The Alliance will be keeping a close eye on developments and feeding in to this review.”

05 December 2005
Alliance to feed into review of intellectual property
Following the announcement by the Chancellor of a review into intellectual property rights in the UK, Alliance chair, Lavinia Carey, said: “This announcement is the confirmation of a manifesto commitment given by Labour at the election in May resulting from the Alliance’s lobbying the government, Lord Sainsbury and his officials. The Alliance will be keeping a close eye on developments and feeding in to this review.”

13 October 2005
Alliance welcomes Government acknowledgement of impact of IP theft
The acknowledgement from the Government of the impact of intellectual property (IP) theft on the UK economy and industry is very welcome, says the Alliance Against IP Theft.

21 August 2005
Crackdown on Car Boot Counterfeiters
Over a million people are expected to flood to car boot sales next Bank Holiday weekend, in search of a bargain. Yet few will be aware that this most traditional of British past-times is increasingly being abused by organised criminal gangs determined to profit from the sale of fake and counterfeit goods - from CDs and DVDs, to football shirts, fake perfumes, and even children’s clothes and toys.

11 August 2005
Record confiscation order awarded against convicted DVD pirates
A record confiscation order resulting from the importation and sale of pirated DVDs has been awarded against two men, who were imprisoned for the crimes in 2003.

29 June 2005
"Criminals Benefit when you buy fakes " says the Alliance Against Property Theft

The Alliance Against Intellectual Property (IP) Theft today reveals that the UK's black market in counterfeit and pirated goods is netting the organised criminal gangs behind the trade an estimated £9 billion a year.

02 June 2005
Alliance seeks director

Due to its expanding remit and reach of influence, the growing importance of IP theft on the political agenda and encouraged by its success to date, there is now a need for a secretariat to be set up at the Alliance to manage and co-ordinate the lobbying and PR activities on behalf of its members.

13 May 2005
Jowell's Threat to the IP Pirates

Speaking at a Cannes Film Festival meeting of EU Culture Ministers, Tessa Jowell confirmed that the Government will be following up their manifesto pledges with action: "We stand behind our creators and innovators and we're coming after the pirates. Now is the time to turn that promise into reality."

28 April 2005
Labour Promise to Clamp Down on IP Theft

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy campaign to strengthen intellectual property law took a major step forward today following the announcement of a Labour pledge to take tougher action to tackle IP theft should they win a third term in office.

14 April 2005
Alliance Supports Election Manifesto Commitments

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy today welcomed the commitment given in the Labour and Conservative manifestos to tackle the growing threat of piracy.

16 March 2005
Alliance Supports Consumer & Trading Standards Agency Proposals

The Alliance welcomes the Budget announcement of a new Consumer & Trading Standards Agency to be created at the centre of Government to coordinate work on consumer protection and trading standards.

15 March 2005
MP Launches Bill to Crackdown on Counterfeiting & Piracy

Brian White MP has called on the Government to introduce immediate legislation to address concerns over the lack of resources to tackle the sharp rise in intellectual property theft.

2004 Press

13 December 2004
Alliance Backs Calls for a Crackdown on Film Piracy

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting & Piracy welcomes the UK Film Council report, Film Theft in the UK. At a time of the year when criminals are conning the public and attempting to sell even more counterfeit goods, it is a timely reminder of the extent of the problem and the damage it causes.

21 October 2004
Alliance Backs Trading Standards 'Get Real' Campaign

With National Consumer Week underway, the Alliance Against Counterfeiting & Piracy today backed the ‘Get Real’ campaign to alert consumers to the dangers of fake goods and outlined proposals to tackle the criminal gangs that are defrauding and threatening consumers.

10 August 2004
Alliance welcomes National IP Crime Strategy

The Alliance welcomes the National IP Crime Strategy launched today by the Government and Patent Office.

21 July 2004
Cllr Richard Marbrow of Liverpool City Council wins DVD Player in prize draw

Cllr Richard Marbrow of Liverpool City Council, Executive Member for Community Safety, was first out of the hat in the Alliance's prize draw to win a DVD player and the top 10 DVDs

15 July 2004
Local authorities call for national legislation to crack down on markets selling goods

Councillors and Local Authority officers have given overwhelming support for proposals to change the law to crack down on the sale of counterfeit and pirated goods at local markets and car boot sales.

The cross-industry Alliance Against Counterfeiting & Piracy has launched a campaign to tackle this illegal activity, wrest local markets from the clutches of criminals and return them to local people. A package of legislative reform is being proposed which will address the growing problem of counterfeit and pirated goods being sold at occasional sales.

12 March 2004
Ep's votein favour of EU enforcement directive ‘An important step forward ’ says Alliance

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy welcome the European Parliament’s vote this week in favour of the EU Enforcement Directive.

09 February 2004
Comment from the AACP on the creation of a Serious Organised Crime Agency

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy today welcomed the announcement by the Government of the creation of a Serious Organised Crime Agency, to be launched in 2006. Counterfeiting and piracy is a major funder of organised crime, as documented in the Alliance report,' Proving the Connection'. This area of organised crime is growing, so moves to tackle such criminal activity are very welcome. However, bearing in mind the rapidly increasing scale of this illegal activity the Alliance hopes that other Government initiatives designed to improve enforcement of intellectual property rights continue to be developed in the interim.



2003 Press

16 July 2003
Local authorities support crackdown on markets selling fake goods

Nine out of ten councillors and local authority officers would support changes to the law to crackdown on the sale of fake and counterfeit goods at local markets and car boot sales, according to a survey of 235 delegates at the recent Local Government Association Conference.

19 June 2003
New report finds organised crime not ‘harmless del boys ’ are behind UK fakes

A new report, Proving the Connection, published today on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, outlines over a dozen cases which, taken together, demonstrate the link between intellectual property theft and organised crime.

03 June 2003
House Of Lords Ruling Clarifies Trade Mark Law

The Lords held that that the burden of proving the statutory defence under the Act rests upon the accused and that the prosecutor does not have to disprove that defence.

07 May 2003
Dawn raid on Essex “counterfeits factory”

The true costs of counterfeiting and piracy were uncovered in a lightning dawn raid by Essex police - accompanied by the BPI’s Anti-Piracy Unit and Essex Trading Standards - on two properties in Braintree, Essex, this morning.

2002 Press

18 December 2002
Alliance’s Party to Celebrate the Enactment of the Vince Cable Bill

On the 11th December, The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy held a Christmas Party at the Cinnamon Club, SW1, to celebrate the enactment of the Copyright and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill.

08 November 2002
Copyright, etc, and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Act 2002

Following Royal Assent in the Summer, the Bill will become law on the 20th November 2002.

24 July 2002
Major new anti-piracy law gets royal assent

The Private Member’s Bill introduced by Dr Vincent Cable MP to increase penalties for copyright theft and improve provisions for search warrants and forfeiture of infringing goods today received Royal Assent. It will be in force in the Autumn.

17 July 2002
Bill passes through Third Reading in the Lords

The Copyright, etc and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill passed through its Third Reading in the House of Lords yesterday.

04 July 2002
New counterfeiting figures underline need for better funding for trading standards

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy today called for more funding for Trading Standards Departments in their battle against counterfeiters and pirates. Figures released at today’s AGM show that British industry continued to lose over £8.5 billion in 2001 from counterfeiting and piracy. While this figure is slightly down on 2000, when industry lost nearly £9 billion, the Treasury is still losing nearly £1.5 billion through unpaid VAT – money that could be invested in hospitals and schools.

22 May 2002
Bill ever closer to becoming law (Hansard)

Following its second reading in the House of Lords, Dr Cable's private member's bill, the Copyright etc and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill, looks certain to become law by the summer. Lord Razzall guided the Bill through its second reading on Friday 10 May receiving Government and cross party support.

2001 Press

04 December 2001
MPs Call on Government to Take Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy
A cross-party group of MPs are calling on the Government to introduce immediate legislation to address concerns over the sharp rise in intellectual property theft.

23 November 2001
Fake Goods Bill Set to Become Law
Legislation to crackdown on the makers of fake and counterfeit products looks set to become law next summer after MPs from across the political spectrum gave Dr Vincent Cable's Copyright, etc. and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill a second reading this lunchtime.

22 November 2001
"Don't be duped by dangerous Christmas Fakes" - Vincent Cable MP
Dr Vincent Cable, MP for the West London constituency of Twickenham, will tomorrow introduce legislation to crackdown on the makers of fake and counterfeit products. Pushed for cash as the Christmas season approaches, many people consider buying cheap fakes and imitations. But Vincent Cable MP has warned local people not be duped.

16 November 2001
MP to warn of danger of Christmas Fakes
Ahead of the second reading of his Copyright, etc. and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill, Dr Vincent Cable MP will give a live demonstration of the many dangerous counterfeit goods which could find their way under your tree this Christmas. The presents will then be delivered to Trade and Industry Secretary, Patricia Hewitt MP.

10 August 2001
Alliance Success in Private Members' Ballot - Vincent Cable
Vincent Cable, Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham, today launched a Bill to create penalties of up to ten years imprisonment for the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods. Vincent Cable said "In the interest of the public it is time we started taking counterfeiting seriously. Consumers are being ripped off and their lives put at risk."

11 July 2001
Industry Calls on Government to End £9 Billion Theft of British Ideas
The Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy today called for legislation to halt the rising tide of intellectual property crime. The annual members' survey, announced at their AGM today, shows that counterfeiting and piracy cost British industry almost £9 billion in 2000, an 8% increase on losses in 1999. The losses equate to £1.5 billion in lost tax revenue to the Chancellor.

10 April 2001
Software black market spirals (BBC Online)
Roger Bennett, Director-General of the European Leisure Software Publishing Association (ELSPA) and a leading member of the Alliance, told the BBC that 10 pirated computer games are sold for every 1 legitimate sale. The "informal economy" is now worth up to £100 bn a year.
(Source: BBC Online)

01 March 2001
Howells Welcomes Piracy and Counterfeiting Bill
Consumer Affairs Minister, Dr Kim Howells, today welcomed the publication of the Copyright, etc. and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill.

01 March 2001
MP Launches Bill to Crack Down on Counterfeiters
Andrew Miller, Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston, today launched a Bill to create penalties of up to ten years imprisonment for the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods.

16 January 2001
MP Announces Choice of Private Members' Bill
Labour MP Andrew Miller is set to introduce a private members' bill to combat counterfeiting and piracy.


2000 Press

06 July 2000
Theft of Ideas Costs British Industry £8 Billion

Intellectual property crime cost British industry £8.19 billion in 1999, a 27.6% increase on 1998 losses. This figure is the result of a member survey conducted by the Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, and will be announced today at their first annual general meeting. The losses equate to £1.36 billion in lost tax revenue to the Chancellor.

17 March 2000
Second Reading for Copyright & Trade Marks Bill

The Copyright and Trade Marks Bill received its second reading in the House of Lords on Friday 17th March. Following the debate Lord McNally has withdrawn the bill, in order to give the government time to formulate its response to the consultation.
A transcript of the debate is available on the Hansard website.

1999 Press

15 December 1999
Industry Welcomes Government Pledge to Toughen Law Against Pirates and Bootleggers

The UK's creative industries and leading brand manufacturers are today celebrating the latest - and so far most significant - move in their battle against the theft of ideas. The Department of Trade and Industry has announced it is opening consultation on copyright and trade mark infringement, with a view to introducing legislation in the near future.

15 November 1999
Alliance Encouraged by Peers to Launch their Private Member's Bill Early

Lord McNally (Liberal Democrat Life Peer) held a successful briefing for interested parliamentarians in the House of Lords on Wednesday 10th November to explain the contents and aims of the Private Member's Bill which he is sponsoring on behalf of the Alliance Against Counterfeiting & Piracy.

27 October 1999
Peer Launches Anti-Piracy Offensive

Liberal Democrat Peer Lord McNally has today announced plans to bring legislation to Parliament to strengthen the law on counterfeiting, copyright and trade mark theft, as part of a campaign to fight organised crime worth over £6 billion a year.

08 July 1999
New Cross Industry Alliance Calls for Government to Combat Counterfeiting and Piracy

The music, audio-visual, retail, brand manufacturing, and business and games software industries joined forces today to provide, for the first time, a single voice in the battle to combat counterfeiting and piracy.

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