Regulation of Markets

Markets play a valuable part in the consumer shopping experience, providing for many an environment where they can purchase goods more cheaply than those for sale in retail shops.  Visits to such markets can also provide an outing for the whole family, in the belief that they offer a safe shopping environment.  Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  Consumers are being ripped off and sold potentially dangerous goods, legitimate traders are going out of business from being unable to compete, and criminality is spreading amongst the local community.  

Every weekend up and down the country, criminal gangs are infiltrating popular local markets and car boot sales, ripping off the public and putting consumers and their families at risk.  Previous cases include Star Wars figures coated with paint containing high levels of lead, fake Bold washing powder which causes skin rashes and fake vodka and whisky that can cause blindness.  Added to this, the vast number of pirated DVDs, CDs, computer games, software, and books which are sold at local markets cause huge damage to legitimate local retailers and businesses. 

Enforcement bodies conduct raids on markets such as these but the problem is on such a scale that the criminals are able to return the following week, safe in the knowledge that public enforcement agencies will not be present. 

The Alliance is campaigning to stem the increasing trade in fake and pirated goods at local markets by calling for tougher regulation of markets and occasional sales such as car boots.   We are also working with the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, LACORS, NABMA and the Trading Standards Institute on the Real Deal campaign, an initiative designed to ensure people can buy with confidence at markets.

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