Resources & prioritising the fight against IP Crime

The vast majority of resources allocated to fighting IP crime comes from trading standards departments’ budgets, and therefore set locally by local authorities.  Unfortunately, IP crime is often not seen as important enough by local authorities – despite its well documented links to other crime and the fact that the Rogers Review of local regulatory services specifically highlights it as a priority – meaning sufficient resources are not allocated to the fight against this crime.

The Alliance is campaigning to ensure that Intellectual Property (IP) law is properly enforced; that enforcement is adequately resourced – locally and nationally – and that fighting IP crime is given the priority it deserves.  Our message to enforcement agencies, central government and local authorities is that IP crime is serious and should be tackled as a matter of urgency because of its economic impact, the potential harm it causes to consumers, the damage it does to local communities and businesses and its links to serious organised crimes such as people smuggling and the trade in illegal drugs.

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This section highlights some of the current activity being undertaken across the numerous bodies involved and how these issues are being addressed and raised in Parliament.

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